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This Following story is how the Telephone Voice Changer was Used.

Bleary-eyed, Casey strolled in to the office, clutching a cup of
coffee. She almost stumbled over her friend Jen at the elevator.
“I’m so sorry,” Casey apologized, “This guy keeps calling me at
three in the morning. Every night, he tries to tell me these
nasty things. I keep hoping he’ll stop, but he doesn’t!”

Jen clucked, “I bet the phone company said they couldn’t do
anything about it, huh?”
“Yeah,” Casey exclaimed, “since he’s not actually threatening me,
and he’s blocking his caller ID, they’re helpless. They actually
told me to turn off my ringer. I can’t do that! What if there’s
an emergency when the kids are at their dad’s?”

“The same thing happened to me last year,” whispered Jen. “Wanna
know how I got rid of the guy?”

Jen told Casey how her old college roommate told her about the
Telephone Voice Changer. She loved her new apartment, but wasn’t
so crazy about the neighborhood. Since the voice changer made it
sound like a burly man lived at her place, she thought it would
be perfect if someone buzzed her doorbell late at night.

“Instead,” Jen said, “this jerk starts calling my number ALL THE
TIME. I’d get messages from him all day long, but I don’t think
he had the guts to actually call me at night. So I took a
personal day, got myself a good book and settled in next to the
“So what happened,” asked Casey.
“Sure enough, the guy calls,” Jen said, “and I answer, ?hello,
this is Mark.'”

Casey gasped, “what did he do?”
“He just gulped and said he had the wrong number,” Jen replied.
Casey puzzled, “the guy didn’t know you were a woman?”
“He had no clue,” exclaimed Jen, “because it sounds so real. I’ve
got it on my answering machine, if you want to hear it.”

Jen whipped out her cell phone and dialed her home number,
handing the phone to Casey as it rang. When the machine picked
up, Casey’s eyes bulged with surprise.

“No way,” Casey gasped. “There’s no way that’s your voice. You
sound like a guy!”
“It’s great,” Jen confessed, “though I did have to explain to my
Mom why some guy was answering my phone. But it gets better. The
guy called back one more time.”

“What’d you do?” asked Casey?

“I switched on my male voice and told him that I’d better not find
the guy that woke up my kid. I swear I heard him drop the phone, he
tried to hang up so fast!”

“That’s it,” cried Casey. “You’ve got to tell me where you got
that thing.”

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